3rd Asia-Korea Conference on Science and Technology 2013
Call for Papers


Smart grids:
   Architectures for Smart grids
   Smart grids modeling
   Smart grids technologies
   Smart grids transmission infrastructure
   Smart grids management and control
   Software for Smart grids
   Smart grids applications
   Challenges in Smart grids
   Smart grids & Smart cities
   Smart grids & Electric vehicles
   Smart grids & Distributed generation
   Smart grids & Energy storage
   Data analytics & Cyber security

Power Engineering:
   Renewable & Non-renewable energy sources
   Transmission systems
   Electrical insulation
   Distributed generation
   Power system planning
   Power system design, Reliability and security
   Power system operation
   Fault diagnosis
   Power electronic drives
   Power systems protection
   Power quality issues & their mitigation
   Energy management
   Energy efficiency planning
   Economics in Power systems
   Electricity markets & Economics
   Power system optimization
   Power system stability & Facts controllers

Advanced Control Engineering:
   Linear / Nonlinear control systems
   Adaptive / Robust control systems
   AI / ANN control systems
   Sensors & Signal processing
   Sensors & Instrumentation
   Control devices & Instruments
   Power system stability & FACTS controllers
   Advanced machines & Control
   Applications of Phasor measurement units & Wide area monitoring systems
   Process control systems in Power engineering

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